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Bealiles Wedding

Evan and Marissa. Hmm. Where to start with these two. We met at Panera for our consult, and I kind of fell in love with them. They were both so sweet, and complemented each other so well. Every time she said something to me she thought was pretty set and firm, she looked at him and said.. "I don't know, right?" I laughed because I do the same exact thing. Im just as indecisive as her, and do the same thing with my husband. So of course I saw myself in this couple and loved them immediately!!

When we scheduled their engagement session she warned me they were "so awkward" and that their dogs would be insane.

A.) They were NOT awkward

B.) I was probably more insane then their dogs

They took gorgeous and fun pictures. They were excited and down to try all the things I wanted to do, we even nailed the perfect hair flip (thanks Jenny!). I played with the dogs, and took fun and adventurous farm pictures with them. Win win.

Fast forward to their wedding. She warned me things would be chaotic. Things would be crazy. The day which contained neither of those things. She looked insanely gorgeous, I almost gasped when I saw her in her beautiful dress, with the cutest little lace jacket. She was GORGEOUS. (she's always gorgeous so I really wasn't too surprised). We quickly did a first look with her dad and step dad which is always some of my favorite reactions! Both were floored when they saw their little girl all dolled up!

Made it to the ceremony hall to see Evan who was a ball of nerves. The second I walked in and said 'she's here" he said to me.. "I'm so nervous, I need to pee" and walked off to the bathroom. 😂

I knew it would be an emotional ceremony. THey're both pretty openly emotional couple. But I was unexpectedly hit with a flood of my own emotions once Evan saw his girl. He cried. Big man tears and he just let it go. He sobbed. He's waited for this moment as long as she has. I don't think once they read their vows there was a dry eye in the house. It was the most touching and romantic love whirlwind story!

We went back to the lodge to do some group pictures, which were fun and full of life. To jumping in the air, and choking on cigars. It was a fun little trip to get some pictures.

Back to the hall for dinner and partying! Everything went without a hitch and it was nice to see Evan and Marissa let go and just enjoy their day finally! I don't think I've ever seen Jello shots be such a huge hit as they were here. And I've seen a lot of jello shots.

IT was a gorgeous wedding (if I say gorgeous one more time in this post!!) and a beautiful couple, and amazing supportive families. Her grandma decorated the hall so perfectly to match all her dreams (I know, bc I saw her Pinterest board!) Such a perfect day!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!! Here is a sneak peek at their gorgeous day (I did it again 🤷🏼‍♀️)

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