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The Lenaers Wedding

When I first met Sonny and Jessica I was almost star struck at the couple who got engaged under the Eiffel Tower with a custom ring from France! Like... am I dreaming?! When I met them they were so relaxed and laid back and fun and they just looked at each other with these eyes of pure love. *Swoon* He is from Belgium and her northeast ohio, so the accent difference is real.

When we did engagement pictures, they both showed their fun sides, and I was so happy to see that they were relaxed and fun in front of the camera too! They are natural models! (for real!!!).

Getting married in a freaking castle doesn't happen everyday. But they got married at Bella Amore in Dennison Ohio, and once again... I was stark struck. It is a freaking castle in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Who would've guessed?!

We had SNOW!!! It snowed for about 2 hours before the ceremony, then it drizzled.. but did that stop them? NO way. She dreamed of getting married outside, so outside we went!! Almost everyone went outside too! They provided blankets and handwarmers for their guests who all stood and watched the very emotional and beautiful ceremony!

After some pictures the party started!!! The Belgium traditions were so much fun and interesting to see! Plus throw in a taxidermy ram head, 4000 puzzle pieces, and some purple napkins twirling in the air, and you had a FUN EVENING.

Jess sang to her parents for their anniversary (which is on the same date!! How awesome is that?! 35 years!!!) They cut their cake topped with 2 llamas, and served their guests donuts! The party started and it didn't slow down or stop all night!

Such a fun group of families combined together, and I was blessed to be a part of such a fairytale love story!!!

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek as much as I enjoyed my day!!!

Thanks for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing experience!

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