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Tricia Richards Photography


About your photographer 

I have 3 kids 

I have a German shepherd and 2 cats 

I love watching baseball

I live on coffee

I love the outdoors

Summer is my favorite season

Hi! I'm Tricia!  My love for photography started when I was VERY young. Back in the film days! My first camera was a kodak! I remember taking so many pictures with that thing!
As my passion grew so did my collection! (for the creatives- I shoot with a Nikon z6ii and my 85mm rarely leaves it!)  
My favorite type of session are weddings, I love the rush of the day, and capturing the timeless love of the couple! My passion is obvious, by the way I run and just want to non stop take pictures!  Chances are by the end of our session, I'll be completely out of breath and sweating endlessly! But just know, that's my adrenaline pumping because I'm having so much fun!  
I love to help others, anyone starting out or needing help, I'm always happy to help, and I even offer classes and mentorships! 

When I'm not running around out of breath and sweating like crazy, I love to swim, and play with my kids and dog! We love going on adventures and hiking and finding new ice cream places to stop and visit (even though I can't eat ice cream, I still love taking them!)  We go to the beach every summer in Emerald Isle NC (my 2nd favorite place in the whole wide world). I've been married since 2008 to the love of my life! 
Anything else just ask! I'm an open book! 

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